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A unique collaboration, solving the most relevant challenges leaders face: Innovation and alignment.

Books by Thomas and Edgar:

Books by Thomas Lockwood and Edgar Papke
Innovation by Design, True Alignment, The Elephant in the Boardroom, Design Thinking, Corporate Creativity, Building Design Strategy and The Handbook of Design Management.


Tom Lockwood

Thomas Lockwood has a Ph.D. in design management and is recognized as a thought leader at integrating design and innovation practice into business, and building great design, UX and innovation organizations. He is the is the co-author/editor of Design Thinking, Corporate Creativity, Building Design Strategy and The Handbook of Design Management.

Tom has lectured and led workshops in over 20 countries, produced 22 conferences about design leadership, and is a design adviser to countries and companies. His design accomplishments range from creating high-tech skiwear used by the US Olympic Nordic Ski Team to corporate design programs for Fortune 500 organizations. He is the founding partner of Lockwood Resource, an international consulting and recruiting firm specializing in design and innovation leadership. Previously he’s been the president of DMI, the Design Management Institute, a corporate design director, and a partner and creative director at several design firms.

Edgar Papke

Edgar Papke is an author, speaker and globally recognized expert in business alignment, leadership and organizational culture. He is the author of True Alignment: Linking Company Culture to Customer Needs for Extraordinary Results, The Elephant in the Boardroom, and numerous essays and articles on business and culture.

Edgar provides coaching and consulting to CEO’s and executives, delivers keynote speeches and presentations, and works with leadership teams to improve their alignment. He was recently honored as the Impact and International Speaker of the Year by Vistage, the world’s largest organization for CEOs. Worldwide, over 20,000 executives and leaders have attended his workshops.

Mr. Papke holds a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Organizational Psychology from Regis University, a B.S. in International Business Administration, and a degree from the Culinary Institute of America.