InnoAlignment Delivers

Cultures of Innovation

In our book Innovation by Design, we share the results of an in-depth study of some of the world’s most innovative organizations, providing insight into ten key attributes of innovation and how design thinking at scale delivers meaningful solutions and extraordinary results. Further, the book presents ways to analyze corporate culture and actually design and build Cultures of Innovation. (more)

Executive Coaching

We facilitate strategic conversations with CEOs, executives, and senior leadership teams to define and obtain desired future states for their organizations, and creating strategies for innovation and alignment. This includes executive leadership coaching, team alignment and building clarity around corporate culture and strategic intent.

  • Facilitate strategic conversations with executives, Boards, and senior leadership teams to define and obtain desired future states for their organizations
  • Corporate culture alignment
  • Innovation alignment
  • The Papke The True Alignment® model, a systemic approach to assist leadership teams and their organizations to attain greater levels of alignment and success.
  • Integrating design and customer experience into corporate strategy

Innovation and Alignment Assessment

We provide audit and assessment reporting in the areas of Innovation Capabilities and Corporate Organizational Culture. As the result of a study that includes some of the most innovative and high performing organizations in the world, we have created a design thinking model to help organizations more intentionally design and develop cultures of innovation that differs from any of the approaches of the past. (more)

Training and Education

We help organizations build cultures of innovation thru leveraging the power of design thinking at scale. Based on over 70 interviews with some of the world’s most innovative organizations, and the application of 12 culture keys and the 10 attributes of design thinking organizations, we provide workshop and training models, and frameworks, to access, design and build internal innovation capabilities and cultures of innovation.

Thomas Lockwood and Edgar Papke provide a unique and forward-thinking solution: combining the principles and methods of design thinking and True Alignment to build and lead cultures of innovation.

Some of our models include:

  • Design Thinking At Scale™ Framework
  • Cultural Innovation Readiness™ Framework
  • Design Thinking Maturity™ Model
  • Culture Alignment tools

Dynamic Public Speaking

Edgar Papke Edgar is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning speaker. He is a past recipient of the Vistage International Speaker of the Year Award and has delivered over 2,700 keynotes and presentations. Worldwide, over 17,000 CEOs and executives have attended his workshops. (more)

Thomas Lockwood has been invited as a keynote at dozens of events in over 20 countries. In addition, he has organized 22 conferences himself, and been responsible for about 200 delegates at each event. He understands from first hand experience the need to have great speakers that deliver great messages, on time, targeted to your audience with meaningful content, and enthusiastic delivery. (more)

Board Alignment

The alignment of an organization’s board is essential to realizing the intended advice, contribution, and support of an organization’s leadership and culture. This applies to Corporate Boards, Non-profit Boards, Advisory Boards, and public Boards and Councils. While most boards provide strong expertise in operations, finance, legal, and technology, they often lack expertise in alignment and the areas of organizational capability associated with innovation, design, and customer experience, as well as the building of innovative and aligned cultures.

Thomas and Edgar, experienced board members themselves, bring a unique set of insights and perspectives to the alignment of Boards and their relationship to the organization’s mission, leadership and culture.