Cultures of Innovation

In our book Innovation by Design, we share the results of an in-depth study of some of the world’s most innovative organizations, providing insight into ten key attributes of innovation and how design thinking at scale delivers meaningful solutions and extraordinary results, including:

  • The 10 attributes leaders can leverage to create and develop effective cultures of innovation
  • How to use design thinking as a powerful method to drive employee creativity and innovation
  • How to leverage the natural influence of the collective imagination to produce the “pull effect” of engagement, creativity and risk taking
  • How leaders can take the “Fifth Step of Design” and create their ideal culture

Innovation by Design offers a powerful set of insights and practical solutions to the most important challenge for today’s businesses—the need for relevant innovation.

Our outlook is informed by curiosity and imaginative thinking, extensive inquiry and research, testing and refinement of new ideas, and the practical experience and learning that stems from over fifty years of application with leaders and organizations, and the delivery of meaningful results.