Dynamic Public Speaking

Edgar Papke is an internationally acclaimed, award-winning speaker. He was recognized as the 2013 Impact Speaker of the Year by Vistage International. With over 21,000 members in 18 countries, it is the world’s largest CEO membership organization. Distinguished from over 1,500 expert speakers, Edgar received the top award for his unique approaches to leadership and business innovation, and for consistently delivering value to his audiences in an authentic, engaging, and motivational way.

He is a past recipient of the Vistage International Speaker of the Year Award and has delivered over 2,700 keynotes and presentations. Worldwide, over 20,000 CEOs and executives have attended his workshops. He delivers keynotes to a broad spectrum of organizational and conference audiences. From his consulting, coaching and research experiences, he shares his insights on alignment, innovation, the management of conflict and change, and the human art of business.

Thomas Lockwood has been invited as a keynote and presenter in over 20 countries at events including governments, country design councils, corporate events and professional associations. In addition, he has organized 22 conferences himself, with an average of 200 delegates each – he understands from first hand experience the need to have great speakers that deliver great messages, on time, targeted to your audience with meaningful content, and enthusiastic delivery. Thomas speaks on topics related to design thinking, corporate creativity, cultures of innovation, design and innovation leadership, and building great design organizations.